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Our vision is to change the lives of 10,000 professionals who are miserable, unmotivated and depressed in their current career but can't see a way out. You will uncover and remove the limiting beliefs that have been holding you back from a career and life you desire and stopping you achieving the success you deserve. You will unlock your hidden strengths, skills and capabilities that make you unique and a force to be reckoned with in. You will ignite unstoppable drive, passion, confidence and productivity, You will completely transform yourself from the inside out and will have uncovered a fulfilling career path and a step by step roadmap to achieving your goals with results guaranteed, as long as you are 100% committed to seriously changing your life!


Starting from our high school years most of us are expected to know what career we will be satisfied and fulfilled in, the only issue is many of us don't have a clue what our strengths, skills, values or interests are and we rarely get any guidance or direction to help us understand the best fit for our needs. This leads to frustration and confusion causing us to enrol into a degree because it sounds ok or working job after job we never feel content with. This brings us to now where you are working in that professional role, but you struggle to roll out of bed for it each morning and regularly feel- Unmotivated and Miserable with a desire for more in your life.


Online Career Coaching with Skye's The Limit Career Counselling, where each one of our members is GUARANTEED RESULTS with our high quality course framework that we constantly use to create amazing life changing results for our clients. Helping our clients to uncover a burning passion and desire in their career while also removing any mental roadblocks that having been holding you back from achieving success is what we do best and will do for you. We thrive on creating massive change and success in your career path, because after all- Your Success is our Success! Our framework provides you with effective and easy to implement strategies that Guarantee results within the course time frame.

Who is This Dream Career Creator??

Managing Director/Dream Career Creator

-Dip. Counselling (Careers)

-M.A.I.P.C (Member of the Australian Institute Of Professional Counsellors)

Paul Ames

From a young age Paul knew that he had a massive desire to help others and that friends and family would always talk to him about their problems.Unfortunately though he never received any career guidance or direction in his life and as a result worked many jobs which he never felt satisfied or fulfilled with until he enrolled and completed his Diploma of Counselling specialising in Career Counselling.

After completion Paul's desire to help other professionals in their careers and to stop them going through the common pitfalls and constant unfulfilling jobs that he went through, sparked up his business idea and Skye's The Limit Career Counselling was born.

Paul believes that achieving a happy and fulfilling career is focused on 4 main areas and also 4 main shifts in your behavioural patterns from where you are and where you aspire to be-

 1. Believe (Potential)   Shift From Self Doubt to Self Confident.

2. Understand (Strengths)  Shift From Feeble to Formidable.

3. Uncover (Career) Shift From Confusion to Clarity.

4. Action (Opportunities) Shift From Free-falling to Focused.

These are crucial areas to transform yourself from the inside out to allow you to experience ongoing results and discover your true purpose on this earth.

Paul has previously hit the lowest points in his career where he was- unmotivated, uninspired and unproductive and he would constantly ask himself the question "Isn't there more out there for me, something I am actually passionate about?".

As a result of struggling with his career direction and successfully coming out the other side with a career path he is passionate and motivated about, Paul can often relate to the painful experiences you are going through and he cuts through all the garbage to get you into a career path you are passionate about, which saves you massive amounts of - time, energy, effort, frustration and confusion.

If you are serious and committed to living the career and life you deserve, then you are half way there to achieving your goals as your mindset and actions are what has been holding you back!

We Help Professionals To Uncover Their Desired Career Path And Live The Life They Deserve!

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