E 17: Phoenix Transformations- With Carly Evans

Welcome to Episode 17 of the Career Breakthrough Series, in this episode I interview Carly Evans.

Carly is the founder of Coach Carly which has been helping people from all walks of life all around the world since 2006, using transformational coaching processes. Carly helps her clients to get free from limiting beliefs and emotional baggage, move on from past trauma and crises, and to get clear on what it is they desire and dream of for their future. Carly is a contributing author in the bestselling Adventures in Manifesting series in a book titled “Soulful Relationships”.

Carly is also the founder of Phoenix Transformation which specialises in Reiki, energy healing and removing energy blocks allowing you live your life to its true potential.

Check out Carly’s website here- https://coachcarly.com/

Instagram- @coachcarlyevans

Youtube- @coachcarlyevans

In this interview we cover-

– Removing energy blocks to optimise your career.

– How to skyrocket your motivation and drive .

– How to create powerful personal transformations.

:34- History.

4:15– Biggest Career Learnings.

5:41– Crab Collecting And Your Career.

6:58– Real Life Breakthrough.

10:18– Biggest Mental Roadblocks.

15:40– Positive Habit/ Hindering Habit.

21:08– Best Career Advice.

24:49– Avoiding Career Burnout.

29:53– Parting Advice.

33:15– Contact Carly.


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