EP 14: Becoming Your Own Foundr V1.0- With Nathan Chan

Welcome to Episode 14 of the Career Breakthrough Series, in this episode I interview Nathan Chan. Nathan is the creator of the incredible digital magazine called “Foundr” where he has interviewed some of the worlds top entrepreneurs like- Richard Branson, Arianna Huffington, Daymond John and many more.

Check out Nathans book here- foundr.com/book

Find Foundr Magazine here- https://foundrmag.com/


While still in his mid-twenties, Nathan Chan felt there were no business magazines that he could relate to. He wanted to read something that delved deep into the world of a successful entrepreneur, showing their processes, failures, obstacles and challenges. And one that ultimately taught others straight from the mouths of the best in the world. Wanting to personally discover the answers to all his questions about the daily struggles of starting a successful business, Nathan began to go out and interview world-changing entrepreneurs in the hope that he could learn from them. This was the point of no return. And so while still working a full time job, Nathan created Foundr.

Since its inception, Foundr has quickly become a top ranked 10 ‘Business & Investing’ Magazine in the AppStore and is currently supporting hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs across multiple platforms and resources.

In this interview we cover-

– Startup Pitfalls

– The importance Of Having An Eye For Detail

– Taking Your Career To Another Level


1:45 History

4:13 Biggest Mental Roadblocks

7:20 Most Positive Habit/ Most Hindering Habit

9:20 Miracle Question

12:15 3-5 Actionable Career Tips

15:05 Parting Advice

16:27 Contact Nathan

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