EP 15: Why You Are Destined For Greatness- With Paris Mitchell

Welcome to Episode 15 of the Career Breakthrough Series, in this episode I interview Paris Mitchell.

Paris is a motivational speaker that shares his incredible journey through drug addiction, imprisonment and turning his life around from the lowest of lows.

Check out Paris’ website here- http://parismitchell.com.au/


After struggling with a life of addiction through his adolescence, Paris finally hit a point at the age of 21 when his life had come crashing down. Father to a newly born son and sentenced to nearly three years behind bars for crimes committed whilst under the influence it finally dawned upon him… The likely hood of getting out of the vicious cycle of substance abuse and crime was stacked up against him.

He decided at that point that he wanted something more from life, that he was the creator of his destiny and that he had control over where he ended up and that ultimately he had complete power over his destiny. Paris has spent the past 5 years completely immersed in developing himself and over that time he has systematically changed every area of his life.

In this interview we cover-

-The importance and influence of a strong network of supportive people.

– Deciding to make a make shift in all areas of your life.

-Changing how you feel about yourself.

1:32– History

9:34– Biggest Mental Roadblocks

13:58– Positive and Hindering Habits

21:25– 3-5 Actionable Career Tips

25:11– Parting Advice

27:54– Contacting Paris


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