EP 18: Creating Powerful Connections- With Michael Griffiths

Welcome to Episode 18 of the Career Breakthrough Series, in this episode I interview Michael Griffiths.

Michael is the founder of the Referral Marketing Guru where he is the number 1 authority in referral marketing training and education and has helped thousands of businesses quickly grow their businesses by generating more leads and setting up a powerful referral marketing platform.


Michael started The Referral Marketing Guru because he was tired of seeing the dreadful attempts of teaching people how to gets referrals into their business.

Anyone can try to teach people about referral marketing but very few people have built a business on over 400 referral partners with the right processes, systems and structure to make it work for years to come like he has.

Check out Michaels website here- http://www.referralmarketingguru.com.au/

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In this interview we cover-

– The power in building high quality networks.

– Highly effective leadership skills learnt from coaching elite level basketball.

– Building your net worth by building your Network.

Outwitting The Devil Book- https://www.amazon.com/Outwitting-Dev…

:36- History

3:26– Biggest Career Takeaways

6:39– Most Successful Habit & Most Hindering Habit

9:42– Miracle Question

14:21– Best Career Advice

17:06– 3- 5 Actionable Career Tips

20:21– Using Your Networks More Effectively

23:03– Best Book/ Tool Or Resource

24:37– Biggest Mental Roadblocks


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