EP 19: Career Money Mastery- With Kristin Jacobsen

Welcome to episode 19 of the Career Breakthrough Series, in this episode i interview Kristin Jacobsen..

Kristin Jacobsen (AKA Freddy) is the owner and CEO of Nextgen Financial Services, a prominent financial services company whose products and services have helped Gen y professionals & executives all over the world, and young money masters, an online community for young entrepreneurs, network marketers and business owners.

He is also part of a global network and business that is pioneering the next frontier in travel and helping others pursue a life of fun, freedom and fulfilment. This global network has reached over two million people in 29 countries. Having grown up on a mango and passion fruit farm in North Queensland Australia, Kristin now lives in his dream apartment on the river in Brisbane, Australia.

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General page: www.freddyjaco.com

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In this interview we cover:

– How to create powerful habits around money.

– Setting yourself up in your career.

– Not be another human tragedy who is miserable in their job but doing nothing about it.


1:46– Upbringing & History

6:18– Biggest Career Takeaways

8:42– Mental Roadblocks Kristin Has Overcome

13:00– Best Career Advice Received

16:53– Positive and Most Hindering Habit or Belief

20:45– Recommended Book/ Tool or Resource

27:32– Parting Advice

30:50– Contacting Kristin


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