EP 20: Your Start Up Business Accelerant- With Samantha Riley

Welcome to episode 20 of the Career Breakthrough Series, in this episode i interview Samantha Riley.

Samantha Riley is the author of a #1 Amazon best-selling book called “The Heart of Entrepreneurship”, she made her first Million in her first business in her twenties and has built several successful businesses over the decades.

Samantha is the founder of The Accelerant Group and creator of The Brand Builder Formula™ Today, Samantha helps coaches & consultants position themselves as the authority in their niche to leverage the growth of their business.


Sam’s FB Page- https://www.facebook.com/thesamriley/…

Follow Samantha on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thesamriley/

The Accelerant Group Website: https://theaccelerantgroup.com/

Get Sam’s Book Here: http://bit.ly/SamRiley

In this interview we cover-

-How To Uncover Your Genius Zone

-Why You Need To Understand That People Love To Help

-How To Transition From A Job To A Business


2:04– History

3:47– Biggest Business Influence

5:42– Understand That People Love To Help

9:00– Your Genius Zone

10:52– What Is It About X That You Are Good At

11:41– 3-5 Actionable Tips For Transitioning Into A Business

14:47– Miracle Question

18:31– Most Excited About In Business Moving Forward

19:41– Sam’s Book Recommendation

21:21– Previous Businesses

24:58– Parting Advice

27:24– Contact Samantha


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