EP 21: The Law Of Attraction- With Kolton Krottinger

Welcome to episode 21 of the Career Breakthrough Series, in this episode i interview Kolton Krottinger.

Kolton Krottinger is a four-year Navy veteran with the biggest heart for helping others. After he was honorably discharged from the military in 2013, he quickly discovered how difficult it was to transition into civilian life. As a result, he found himself in a homeless shelter with two options: either give up on life or change his situation for the better. Determined, he began reading about the “Law of Attraction” and educated himself on the power of positive thinking and the beneficial effects it can have on your life. Kolton began to apply it to his own situation and quickly realised that he could do anything he set his mind to.

One year later, Kolton founded a company that quickly grew into a million-dollar business while also becoming a candidate for mayor in his hometown of Alvarado (the youngest in this town’s history)! He has since moved on and has searched long and hard to find a career that would allow him to not only do something he loves, but can also help benefit other veterans in need. Thus, the Law of Attraction Brothers (LOABROS) was born. LOABROS is based on the vision of showing people that with a little hard work and positive thinking, they, too, can achieve anything that they desire.


LOA Bros Website- https://loabros.com/

Connect With Kolton- https://www.facebook.com/Kkrottinger?…


1:06– History

3:09– Biggest Mental Roadblocks

3:30– How Do You Bounce Back From Failure

4:37– Biggest Takeaways From Previous Careers

7:30– Current Business

8:43– 3-5 Actionable Tips

10:23– Miracle Question

12:28– Best Book Or Resource

13:55– Biggest Positive Habit And Most Hindering One

16:27– Contact Kolton

17:30– Parting Advice


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