EP 22: Slam Dunking Setbacks- With Adam Murphy

Welcome to episode 22 of the Career Breakthrough Series, in this episode I interview Adam Murphy.

Adam Murphy is an Elite Coach, Professional Speaker and business Entrepreneur. As a business Entrepreneur. Adam Murphy left his job as a baker in the family business to pursue his dream of making a change in the world through health. He started his journey in a small gym decorated with Elvis Presley memorabilia with his three best mates, James, Simon and Ben.

Like a majority of fitness professionals Adam took a while to find his feet, struggling for cash and competing with the more experienced trainers. But against all odds Adam was able to become the head trainer with 12 months, training over 60 clients per week, making enough money to purchase his first investment property and take a breath financially.

Now Adam is the Head Strength And Conditioning Coach for the Adelaide 36ers NBL team creating elite level athletes.


Adam’s Website- http://www.adammurphy.com.au/

Connect with Adam- https://www.facebook.com/adammurphyco…


1:54– History

7:57– Biggest Mental Roadblocks

8:35– Overcoming Your Fear Of Rejection

12:46– Miracle Question

17:34– Most Positive And Most Hindering Habit

19:13– “What’s Next” Never Settle

21:22– Best Book/ Resource That Has Helped You

24:28– Best Career Advice Received

26:55– 3-5 Actionable Tips

30:42– Biggest Career Highlights

35:34– Contacting Adam


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