EP 25: Art Of Unpredictability- With Will Collette

Welcome to episode 25 of the Career Breakthrough Series, in this episode I interview Will Collette.


Will is a Lieutenant in the US Air Force but his real passion lie in his production company and living out an amazing but “UNPREDICTABLE” life.

“Will believes in inspiring others to live a life where they are excited about the things they are unsure of. Through stories of spontaneous adventures, unexpected outcomes, and miracles in my life, will show’s you how to embrace uncertainty and use it as a tool to reach your biggest goals.”

This spontaneous nature has lead Will to- Create a music video for the Chain Smokers, into Cold Play concerts and many more exciting adventures.

Check Out Will’s New Book- http://bit.ly/predictable1

Will’s Facebook- @TheArtOfUnpredictability

Here’s how to make your dreams come true 🤑⬇️

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1:04- History

5:20- Act Like You Are Dying At Midnight

6:37- Biggest Mental Roadblocks

7:28- The End Game Is Worth It

12:49- Thinking Way Outside The Box

14:28- Biggest Career Takeaways

16:30- Always Add Value

18:46- Best Career Advice Received

19:30- The Crucible Moment

22:47- 3-5 Actionable Tips

31:15- Miracle Question

34:20- Contact Will

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