Paul was really great. He was really patient and supportive and provided large amounts of detail on different career choices. He showed the importance of matching personality to a particular job and helped me understand the most valued traits my future career should have in order to suit me best.
Also I really appreciate the follow up information provided on the career choices
Thank you Paul


I have spent years moving from one job to the next but thanks to Paul he has now provided the clarity and guidance that I have needed to uncover my new career.
He was professional and passionate about assisting me unlock my career passions. I now look forward to putting this into practise, I wish I had spoken to Paul years earlier. Thank you once again


Friendly, Personalised, Directive.

I have now got clear direction with the career that suits my interests and traits, with time frames that are realistic


Paul was prompt, professional and most importantly easy to talk to about personal experiences and dreams. He exudes passion for what he does and I believe is sincere in his commitments to his clients.


Paul was great!
I now have clear insight into my career goals and know exactly what I have to do to reach them.


Paul was very friendly and was very positive when discussing my skills.

He was very relatable, social and very encouraging to help set your goals.


Thankyou Paul for helping me find my career path, I now have an understanding of what I want to do, what I want out my career and what I can bring to the workforce. Excellent service, thankyou so much!

Gemma. C

The experience was great in helping me find what career pathway I want to take in the future and how to apply.

Ryan. E

Paul Ames has been working with Lifeskills Centre over the past 6 months and is always well presented, with a down to earth approach. Paul has helped many of our clients find the correct career path. Paul is a 'go getter', full of enthusiasm that is very infectious throughout the office. We have no hesitation in referring clients to Skyes the Limit Career Counselling for an excellent service and great advice!!

Lee Pagana, Life Skills Australia

Paul was fantastic. He was really down to earth and helpful. I found it very easy to talk to him. He made it easy to follow up with questions through text message and his extra work behind the scenes was invaluable.

Dominic. C

Paul Ames who is my career counselor helped me on the below: Increase satisfaction and, consequently, engagement and retention of key talent Improve individual performance and productivity Enhance interpersonal skills Increase confidence, self-awareness and self-esteem Improve leadership capacity and leadership skills Improve stress management capacity Increase individual goal achievement

I strongly recommend Paul for your career coaching as I am now in the right career path I have saved my lifetime to achieve my goal.

- Juliana. C

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